Freshly Baked Delights!

We bake all of our products on-site, filling our 1940s-style stores with the delicious smells of fresh cakes and pies to bring back that delightful, warm feeling of Grandma’s kitchen.


Our Story

Each day at Peak Bakery, everything is still made from scratch. From our (pretty well known) Icebox Cake to our (pretty darn well known) Red Velvet Cupcakes—it’s as real as our grandmothers used to make. For us, that smell when you walk into a real local bakery is almost as important as the taste. And we’re never going to lose that. For us, it’s all about real ingredients, authentic recipes, and real people making it happen.


Freshly Baked Cakes

Come celebrate homemade at one of our neighborhood locations today!


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